Practice Fees From 13 July 2022

Enrolled/Registered funded clients

AGEGP/Nurse Practitioner Consultation FeeNurse Consultation FeePN/GP & ACC PN/GP
18-64yrs Double appt$18.50      $37.00$15.50     $31.00$34.00
65yrs+ Double appt$17.50      $35.00$13.50     $27.00$31.00
Phone consult$12.50      $12.50$0.00$0.00
RESP Cabin$18.50      $0.00$0.00$0.00

Due to increasing costs to provide GP and Nurse services, the Hora Te Pai Charitable Trust Board has had to review its current pricing schedule. As a result our fees will increase on the 20th of July 2023, with further reviews. If you are longer than 20 minutes in a standard appointment you will be charged accordingly.

Respiratory Cabin charge, is charged at the normal fee as if you were to be seen in the practice. 


Fees for clients eligible for special programmes may vary

Example: Long Term Conditions, Under 19yrs Sexual Health, COPD, Mana Wahine


Childhood Vaccinations

Any child may be vaccinated (enrolled, registered and casual) at no charge (scheduled vaccinations only).

General charges

Large Dressing$25.00
Small Dressing$15.00
Copy of Clinical Notes (1st copy fee of charge)$15.00
Cervical Screening Practice Nurse (PN)$25.00
Cervical Screening General Practitioner (GP)$50.00
Dry Needling / Acupuncture + 15min or 30min GP Consultation Cost$25 + Consult
Kinesio Taping + 15min or 30min GP Consultation Cost$20 + Consult
GP Procedures$100.00 +
Drivers Renewal 30min$70.00
Heavy Trade Drivers 30min$70.00
Misc Paperwork$15.00
MyIndici Email Consult 18-64$15.00
MyIndici Email Consult 65+$15.00
REPEAT SCRIPTS (available after 48 hours) URGENT (available 24 hours)$15.00 $20.00
DNA (Did not attend booked appointment) charged at normal rate14-17 $13.00 18-64 $18.50 65+ 17.50
ALL OTHER MEDICALS – Boxing etc…$100
Liquid Nitrogen$15.00 small $20.00 large
Flu casual – Influenza not funded$30.00

Skin Clinic – Includes 1x appointment for removal of stitches with Nurse

Fee dependent on site and size of Lesion and complexity or procedure eg: Face, Body $100.00-$1100.00


Minor Surgery

Includes 1x appointment for removal of stitches with Nurse

FULL SKIN CHECK   Enrolled  $100.00          Casual  $120.00

Minor Surgery – cost includes nurse and GPEnrolledCasual
Punch Biopsy x1 ($50 per PB after first, in same appointment)$100.00$130.00
1 Lesion$260.00$310.00
2 Lesions$330.00$380.00
3 Lesions$390.00$440.00
4 Lesions$450.00$500.00

Casual Clients – NZ Residents (must be paid before consultation)

AGEGP Consultation FeeNurse Consultation Fee

Please note:

  • All follow up appointments are a full consultation fee
  • All ACC appointments are a full consultation fee
  • All appointments must be paid for on the day
  • If your account is in access of $37 you will be required to:
    • Pay for all appointments and prescriptions at the time of booking. Prescriptions will not be sent to the pharmacy.
    • To set up an alternative payment. Please ask at reception for an automatic payment form or benefit redirection form.

The under 14 scheme covers:

  • Prescriptions for under 14’s are now FREE when dispensing at your pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions for Under 14’s at the practice are FREE.
  • All Doctor’s Visits, All Nurse’s Visits & ACC Visits will be FREE at the practice.

What is chargeable for the under 14 scheme:

  • Liquid Nitrogen is $15.00-$20.00
  • Dressings not claimed under ACC. Small dressing $15.00, Large dressing $25.00
  • All Non-scheduled Immunisations
  • Sending fee of Prescriptions to your pharmacy $5.00
  • All other costs associated with non ACC consults
  • All consumables associated with a Nurse or GP consult.